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This Web site contains the focal mechanisms derived from the waveform polarities recorded by RESIICO (Rete Sismometrica Integrata dell'Italia Centro Orientale-Central-eastern Italy Seismometric Network) [Monachesi et al., 2012]. The picture to the right of the viewer shows the RESIICO network geometry (INGV logo) and the earthquakes for which we calculated the focal mechanism (black cross). Focal mechanisms are calculated for all earthquakes recorded from 1st August, 2009 onwards, with number of polarities ≥ 25, erh and erz ≤ 10.0, located with Hypoellipse [J. C. Lahr, 1999] using the crustal model and set up described here. The programs used to calculate and display the focal mechanisms are FPFIT FPPLOT and FPPAGE [P. Reasenberg and D. Oppenheimer, 1985] under a Linux platform.
The data set is updated on an irregular basis, whenever its authors find time to do it. Last update: 11 Feb 2015 (75 focal mechanisms pertaining to 56 earthquakes recorded betwen Gen and Dec 2014).
All solutions calculated by the FPFIT program are published just as they come, with no amendments by the authors. Whoever uses them should be fully aware of the quality of the data, the issues related to the calculation of focal planes and their meaning.