Quarry explosions and other non-tectonic signals can contaminate seismic catalogues, especially in areas where dense seismic networks allow to detect even low energy events.
In this web site we collect the Non-Nectonic Source Earthquakes (NTSEQS) - like quarry blasts and other anomalous signals - in Central-Eastern Italy; an area with a high rate of events of this kind (5064 were recorded in the 1996-2013 period). The resulting catalogue of NTSE is a useful tool for anyone wanting to carry out a careful analysis of the tectonic seismicity of Central-Eastern Italy.



All data are published just as they come from the calcule with no amendments by the authors. The data set is updated on an irregular basis, whenever its authors find time to do it. Last update: 17 October 2014.


Version 1.0 2014/10/09 - Enabled selection for: magnitude, number of stations and event typology.