Italian version


In this web site is available the 0 version of the Central-Eastern Italian earthquake parametric catalogue (CICO1d)that contains 15598 localizations calculated - with procedures described in the following pages - for a wide national area, starting from the data recorded in the period 2002-2008 by a complex station network belonging to a seismometric dial-up regional network and to the Seismometric National Network (RSNC), installed in a wider region than those of interest (see the figure to the right).
With a brief chronological synthesis we remember that:
• since 2002 the commitment of INGV for seismic monitoring at the regional/local scale in Central Italy is effected by means of an agreement with the Regione Marche for the re-establishment of the Marchesan Seismometric Network (dismantled in 2001;
• in 2005 the Department of Civil Defence hands over to INGV the stand-alone recording equipment dismissed by the National Seismometric Service (SSN), funding their upgrade to dial_up;
• at the end of 2005, INGV reallocates the dial_up equipment to some local/regional bodies formerly in charge of managing the SSN network. The dial_up seismometric network (DUN) is thus born, to the considerable improvement of the monitoring activity on the regional/local scale. The INGV Ancona branch coordinates all these activities;
•since 2009 the INGV Ancona branch is responsible for the monitoring operations in the Umbria-Marche areaby an official agreement with the Marche Region. The INGV Ancona team has developed an Integrated Seismometric Network (RSI) and created the necessary conditions for the gradual substitution of dial_up stations with real_time ones. At present (2011) the dial_up stations have been almost totally dismissed in the Marche area, while they are still employed in the Abruzzo, Northeastern Tuscany and Umbria areas. Since 2009, however, the monitoring and acquisition principles have, changed: for this reason we decided to conclude the coordination work of the dial_up network, collecting all the interpreted data and integrating them with those provided by the National Network. We finally re-localized them with a local crustal model and published the results, making available to users a significant and unique dataset.
The development of a complete on line dataset, through which it will be possible to consult, download and visualize waveforms and/or interpretations since 2002 is underway. But that's another story.

This version of CICO1d has been checked for accuracy but, because of the amount of events, it is possible that some errors have escaped detection; should you find out any, please bring them to our attention (send e_mail.).